Cutting-Edge Insurtech SaaS Solutions

InsurIQ offers advanced insurtech SaaS solutions built to create speed and efficiency throughout the lifecycle of insurance policies. As we pride ourselves on providing only what you need, various components of our core solutions are also available separately.

Policy Administration System (PAS)

A product agnostic with strong A&H experience, focused secure, flexible and scalable solution for all areas of your business, including underwriting, quoting and fulfilment. InsurIQ’s PAS helps streamline your  business processes to improve productivity and save you cash.

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Digital Insurance Store and Enrollment (DISE)

InsurIQ’s DISE is our consumer-facing sales enrolment solution, with full web and mobile access. DISE can be white-labeled to integrate seamlessly with your own systems. Additionally, PCI compliance gateway integrations are available.

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Agent Compliance Management (ACM)

InsurIQ’s ACM allows agents to self-enroll and automates the workflows for those responsible for agent compliance at carriers, agencies and TPAs. Incorporating intelligent dashboards, customizable reports, alerts and NIPR and other third-party integrations address a universal pain point and ensuring all state regulatory and company compliance requirements.

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Our innovative suite of insurance technology systems is designed to revolutionize how insurance businesses operate.

With a strong focus on security, flexibility, and scalability, InsurIQ offers a product-agnostic Policy Administration System (PAS) that streamlines key aspects of your business, from underwriting to quoting and fulfillment. Experience enhanced productivity and significant cost savings as our PAS optimizes your business processes.

In addition to the PAS, InsurIQ presents the Digital Insurance Store and Enrollment (DISE), a consumer-facing sales enrollment solution that provides seamless web and mobile access. DISE can be easily white-labeled to integrate with your existing systems. Moreover, we offer PCI compliance gateway integrations to ensure the highest standards of data security.

InsurIQ’s Agent Compliance Management (ACM) solution addresses the widespread challenge of compliance in the insurance industry. It offers intelligent dashboards, customizable reports, real-time alerts, and seamless integrations with regulatory bodies such as NIPR and other third-party systems. These features guarantee strict adherence to state regulations and company compliance requirements, fostering a more efficient and reliable compliance framework.

With InsurIQ’s game-changing insurtech solutions, your insurance business will embrace new levels of efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Stay ahead of the curve with our secure, flexible, and scalable software suite, tailored to your needs.

Ready to transform your insurance operations and unlock new possibilities? InsurIQ’s cutting-edge insurtech SaaS solutions and innovative no-code insurance platform can help you do just that. Our comprehensive suite of solutions, including the Policy Administration System (PAS), Digital Insurance Store and Enrollment (DISE), and Agent Compliance Management (ACM), is designed to revolutionize your business.

Streamline your processes, increase productivity, and reduce expenses with our secure, flexible, and scalable software suite. Our intuitive solutions enable you to manage underwriting, quoting, fulfillment, and consumer-facing sales enrollment. Customize and integrate easily using our no-code insurance platform, empowering you to adapt and evolve without hassle.

InsurIQ’s solutions are the perfect way to stay ahead in the dynamic insurance landscape. Embrace the power of insurtech SaaS solutions and propel your business forward. Contact InsurIQ to learn more about how our innovative solutions can drive efficiency, compliance, and success for your insurance enterprise.

Together, we can revolutionize your insurance operations and unlock the full potential of your business.

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