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InsurIQ provides technology services and solutions, exclusively serving the insurance industry with a wide range of specialized resources and state of the art products.

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Policy Administration System (PAS)

Our flagship product is secure, flexible and scalable for all areas of your business including A&H applications.

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Agent Compliance Management (ACM)

InsurIQ's ACM allows agents to self-enroll and automates the workflows for those responsible for agent compliance.

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Digital Insurance Store and Enrollment (DISE)

InsurIQ's DISE is our consumer-facing sales enrollment solution, providing full web and mobile access.

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Elevate your organization's capabilities through WorkflowIQ's powerful, yet simple automation features.

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What's Slowing You Down?

Complex and Varied Processes

Insurance processes often involve complex decision-making based on a variety of factors. Automating these requires sophisticated algorithms that can handle a wide range of scenarios.

Regulatory Compliance

The insurance industry is heavily regulated. Any automated system must comply with existing regulations, which can be a moving target as laws and guidelines evolve.

Integration with Legacy Systems

Many insurance companies use legacy systems that are not designed for automation. Integrating new, automated processes with these systems can be challenging.

Customer Service Challenges

While automation can improve efficiency, it can also impersonalize customer interactions, which can be a significant issue in a service-oriented industry like insurance.

Accuracy and Reliability

Automated systems must be extremely accurate and reliable. Mistakes can lead to significant financial losses or legal issues.

AI and Machine Learning Limitations

While AI and machine learning can enhance automation, these technologies have limitations and biases that need to be carefully managed.

Change Management

Implementing automation requires significant changes in both technology and organizational culture. Employees need training to adapt to new systems, and there may be resistance to change.

Data Privacy and Security

Insurance companies handle sensitive personal information. Automated systems must ensure data privacy and security, adhering to standards like GDPR, HIPAA, etc.

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